4 Years On: GEM Construction Revisit Hospital in Uganda

Mike and Wendy have spent the last 5 weeks volunteering and supporting people in Uganda after the pandemic meant they haven’t been able to visit since pre covid.

Over the past 5 weeks Mike and Wendy have been back at Kagando Hospital working with children with HIV on JaJa Day.

As part of the care of children with HIV in the community around Kagando, there is a programme of inviting them all, from the tots to the teens, for a day out once a month.  It is called “Jaja’s Day” which means “Grandmother’s Day” as so many of the children’s parents have died from AIDS.  Raising the children then becomes the duty of the grandparents.

Their special day out includes lots of good food, games, singing, drama and Bible stories, but also offers health checks and general support. Life for orphaned children with HIV in this very poor environment is tough, but they have this one happy day to look forward to each month.

The older children have recently been given a small piece of Kagando farmland on which they are learning to grow crops.  They were very proud of the first watermelon that grew and decided to auction it to raise money for more seed.

Thank you for our sponsors including MKM Building Supplies.

They have also been back in the Rainbow Room which is still very popular with the children and families.

Mike and Wendy have also been involved in malnutrition classes as well as giving gifts out including clothes, toys and “Rufta”. Along with high protein emergency rations which are free thanks to the Rwenzori Women’s Health Program.