GEM Construction (York) Ltd Support Kagando Hospital in Uganda - February 2019


Mike and Wendy have spent some time in the mountains with the Rwenzori Women's Health and even though they had a one hour climb up a very steep and narrow pathway in high temperatures with 60% humidity, they have reported that they had a fabulous time. 

Mike and Wendy visited the church which is also a meeting house where school girls, women and babies all turned up. Wendy had an amazing time teaching them about nutrition and general hygiene. There is no electricity and villagers need to go down the hill to collect water.

Everyone arrived in their best clothes to have their babies weighed and inoculated plus health education. It was also a good time for them to have a good chat with friends.

Word had also spread that Muzungos (white people) were coming so the kids turned up as well to laugh and giggle. There was over 50 women, numerous babies too and not to mention the school girls.

The Rwenzori Health group are truly inspirational for spreading good practice.

Wendy and Mike were quoted as saying “Truly amazing women and a day we’ll never forget”

More updates will be placed in the coming weeks.