GEM Construction (York) Ltd Support Kagando Hospital in Uganda - March 2019


As Mike and Wendy are approaching their final month in Uganda, they are happy to report that the redecoration and repair works to the Rainbow Room, a haven where the children who are in hospital can visit and use the toys and games that are available is now completed.

Mike and Wendy had assistance from four nurses from Belgium; Gust, Emma, Hannah and Lotte who have assisted with the painting of the building both internally and externally, installing book shelves and also installing a clean drinking water supply. The signage for the Rainbow Room was provided by Martin Bristowe at Spectrum Signs, York.

In one day, the room attracted over 50 mums, babies and children who were all enjoying the fresh air away from the hospital wards which can be a little cramped.

There have been some lovely donations of dolls arrive from the UK and these are used every day by the children. They are a clear favourite with the children, If you would like to donate any toys, please send them to Gem Construction (York) Ltd, Construction House, James Nicolson Link, York, YO30 4GR where we will package the items and send them to the hospital. 

The 02 March was Jaja Day at the Hospital, a day dedicated to the HIV children and parents who can be ostracised from the society so the day is spent playing football, cricket, skipping, singing and any other activities they want to try. During the day, each person will also receive 2 free meals and the portion sizes are huge making it easy for the children to take some of the food home with them.

Mike and Wendy had a great day playing with the children who still find them strange and constantly feel your hair and skin while calling your Muzungos, meaning white people.

Mike has also been busy installing solar panels in the area that will provide electricity to the area. One of the properties that had the panels installed was for a gentleman called Michael who is a single father of two children. Michael finds it difficult in the community as he was diagnosed with Leprosy and had to have one leg amputated and feels that the electrical installation will be positive as it will help the children to do homework.