GEM Construction (York) Ltd Support Kagando Hospital in Uganda - March 2019


 As Mike and Wendy are approaching their final few weeks in Uganda, they have been working harder than ever.

Last week they received a huge hand out of baby clothes which had been in the hospital store, these had been there since 2017 so Wendy and another volunteer Ruth went around the neo natal and maternity wards with the items for distribution.

The neo natal unit consists of old incubators normally shared by 2 babies that are unrelated and sadly as a result there are a number of infections that are passed on.

Over 50 baby grows and other items were handed out to some lovely and very grateful mums. They also gave out some blankets as the babies in neo natal are so tiny.

They have been having lots of fun at the Rainbow Room with the children. It has become so popular now and sometimes they see around 50 mums, children and babies who arrive at 8.30am and stay around all day and even have to be made to go back for the Doctor’s rounds.

The children love playing games, especially practising their netball skills.

Mike and Wendy have also undertaken the task of tiling a salon, they both got involved in this and they also assisted with the building of toilets for people that have Leprosy.

Mike and Wendy are pleased to confirm that the refurbishment of the Operating Theatre has now commenced. The installation of a new floor of terrazzo and drainage is first on the agenda for the 6-week programme.

We had a very generous donation of 2 replacement lamp covers and clips for the operating theatre lights from the manufacturer, Brandon Medical Company in Leeds which have already been installed and are working perfectly.  These replacement covers were so important as without these the rays of light were not filtered which could have resulted in the burning of patient’s skin so a huge thank you to Brandon Medical Company.

The Mother and Child Hospital building Foundations are now complete and these are being reinforced by hand mixed concrete.